At Allegheny Handcraft we build treasured heirloom furniture that you will be proud of, and that will remain in your family for multiple generations to come. We guarantee complete satisfaction.

Allegheny Handcraft was the product of a life-long dream for owner Kirk Skaggs who began crafting various wooden furniture pieces as a hobby in the 1990's while working as a machinist. The lifelong dream of crafting heirloom-quality furniture, inspired by Kirk's father who was a carpenter in the days when carpenter's crafted an entire home, came to fruition in 2003 with the founding of Allegheny Handcraft.

From its very inception Allegheny Handcraft has been a labor of love for Kirk and the staff who build furniture "because it is intended to be beautiful" using loose machine shop standards of 1/64th off-square and no computerized equipment. These elements, combined with Appalachian Region lumber, widely renowned as some of the finest in the world; allows Allegheny Handcraft to produce truly unique, exquisite, and premiere quality pieces for virtually any need or desire.

"We craft pieces manually, and it takes 100 percent concentration... but the outcome is a piece of furniture that people can treasure forever."
-Kirk Skaggs, Owner
Allegheny Handcraft

"Kirk recreated pieces to match the architechture in the lobby that were done three years ago, he can do anything and I don't hesitate to call him."
-Brian Forsythe; Director of Operations
Stonewall Resort

"Allegheny Handcraft built me a personal custom armoire that I absolutely love, I drew something up and they created it. They pay such attention to detail and are very creative. Their pieces are absolutely stellar."
-Brian Forsythe; Director of Operations
Stonewall Resort

"They did cabinets complete with hangars for glasses, and we had mirrors put into it. We were very happy with it. They are very good at detail and listening to know exactly what you want, Kirk met us, saw the area we wanted (the furniture placed) and matched the wood perfectly."
-Hashimoto Family
Jane Lew, WV.